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The 1-2-1 Football Session Manager

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The 1-2-1 Football Session Manager is a complete system for managing your 1-2-1 and small group clients. It is an all-in-one system, providing you with a dashboard view of your clients, coaches, and sessions.

Manage Your Players

Add, view and manage all player data in one easy place.

Manage Your Sessions

Set the price, location, outcomes (and so much more). This will also allow your coaches to know where and when they need to deliver their sessions.

Manage Your Coaches

Record vital coach information in order to assign sessions and players to specific coaches. This allows for top-level coach capacity management, data capture, and profit and loss analysis.

Manage Your Revenue

No more missed payments!! With these easy-to-read reports, you will be able to track income, see where profit is coming from and where you can reduce costs!

All of this will simplify the management of your clients and sessions, and free you up to deliver top-quality coaching sessions.

My fear with new platforms and systems is that once bought, you are on your own. So, this system comes with:

  • A written user guide for every part of the system
  • Examples in the system that you can use as a blueprint
  • A support community

And the support community really is the flex!

Need help or advice on the system? You can use the support community to ask questions and raise support tickets.

Need advice on any coaching subject from fellow coaches? You can use the community platform to ask!

So, just to recap, when you buy The 1-2-1 Football Session Manager you get:

  • Lifetime access
  • Access to a community of coaches
  • Access to technical support

There is no monthly fee or yearly subscription! All of this could be at your fingertips for a one-off payment of £25.

Product FAQs

Is there a demo of the system


Which Platform Does the System Run on?

This runs on the Notion platform. Notion is a powerful software platform solution used by over 40 million people worldwide. It allows you to build templates and that's what The 1-2-1 Football Session Manager is - an expansive template which contains multiple pages and databases to allow you to manage your players, coaches, and training sessions

Once you purchase the system, you need to duplicate the template so it is available in your version of Notion. You’ll have an exact copy of the system that you can then start using.

If you need to create a Notion account (free) then you will be prompted to do so when you purchase this system.

Do I need to be on a paid Notion plan to use The 1-2-1 Football Session Manager?

Nope! Everything in The 1-2-1 Football Session Manager will work flawlessly on Notion’s free plan.

Can my coaches get access to the system?


Please note that you will only need to create a free Notion account, unless you want to provide access to your system to more than 6 coaches (including yourself). Please see this page for Notion account information

I have big training sessions with lots of players. Can I use this system to manage these?

Technically, yes! When managing small group sessions with this system, you add all players who are taking part in the session. There is no limit to these additions so if you have 3 players taking part, you add 3. If you have 40 players taking part, then you can add 40 (or however many are taking part in your sessions).

Can I edit the system?

As above, this system runs on a platform called Notion and Notion access is required to use this system.

Learning Notion is not required to use the 1-2-1 Football Session Manager, but if you want to extend your version of the system then you can do so via Notion. That’s right, you have access to the system and can build around it to suit your needs.

I don't want to edit the system. Is this possible?

This is cool, you can just use the system as is. The system has been designed to be used without a huge input from you. All you need to do is add your players, coaches, and sessions and the system is good to go.

Can I take payments for the sessions

Not yet, but we are in discussion with third parties to close this gap.

General FAQs

Can I share this with my friends?

Unfortunately not as this is a personal license for individual use.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, if you tell me the reasons why the product does not meet your expectations

How does the purchase work?

Once you've made your purchase, you'll be redirected to a website where you can download the files. Also, you will receive an email with all purchase and install information contained within it. Save this email as the link will always be active so you will have lifetime access to the system.

Who are you?

My name is Kevin Middleton and I started off as a grassroots coach about 12 years ago. Since then I've worked with players from the grassroots to professional level, from 5 years old all the way through to 70 years old. It has been a great journey and within football, there isn't much I have seen!

My real job is IT consultant so I have blended my skills to create this system.

Check out my work on YouTube:

I've coached teams, individuals, and small groups. I've created training exercise databases, game models, and academy-level documents to guide an organisation. This is just a small snapshot of my experience.

I've got some exciting projects to help coaches coming soon so please give me a follow on social media for updates:

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The 1-2-1 Football Session Manager

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